Anna Marcus Letter


Dear OCCE,


I have been  working on a project from social studies for more than half a year.  Our assignment was to pick a current topic that we considered to be a troublesome situation.  At first I thought about HIV/AIDS, and I was curious to why the virus seemed to be sweeping through Africa like a forest fire.  After I researched this problem, I began to see more specifically what was causing the virus to spread so fast.  In what I have learned, the reason can only be blamed on the environment in which the people are surrounded.  The amount of knowledge, medical care, antibiotics, and food or lack of, astounds me.  It is because of the low amount of resources, supplies and knowledge that HIV spreads.  If the people had the knowledge or supplies to protect or stop themselves from spreading the disease, then HIV's infectious rate would show a significant decrease.  After my report was finished, I had to find an organization, which could improve, or help solve the situation.  After more research I located the Organization for Cross-Cultural Exchange.  After reading your home page I was convinced that with more donations, you could help the increasing spread, or at least acknowledge the reason for it.  On your home page, you said that, "OCCE believes that by offering an opportunity to develop resources... the community itself can begin the transformation to a sustainable community."  This made perfect sense to me, and I feel that if a community can become 'sustainable' then the people can learn to solve and prevent problems from ever occurring.  I am glad that I picked you as the organization to raise money for, and donate to.  I would like to congratulate you on your progress that you have made with the village of Vukuzenzele.



Anna Marcus

Student of East Ridge Middle School

Eighth Grader, Ridgefield, CT