I had a thought about all the suffering Orphans in Kenya recently. Why let all these Orphans suffer?  Why are not more orphanages being built?

An organization near and dear to my heart provides this OCCE.  This is  much needed and well respected respite for the suffering Orphans  of Africa. Kenya needs it’s orphanages These Kenyan Orphans are in dire need of : food, clothing ,and educational material.   OCCE Delivers with the funding to help these Orphanages in Kenya.

Here are some facts from SAMA.

South African SAMA Post.


Protest action impeding patients’ access to care is not acceptable – SAMA

The South African Medical Association (SAMA) previously issued a statement condemning the consequences of the current protest action in the North West Province that is affecting hospitals, staff and patients especially orphanages. It has since come to the SAMA’s attention that the protest action has spread to health facilities and orphans outside the North West Province. Doctors and other healthcare workers are reportedly being prevented from attending to patients and orphans. Patients and orphans are reportedly also being prevented from entering hospitals to get treatment. In certain instances, it is alleged that some healthcare workers have joined the protestors against orphans.

The SAMA is extremely troubled by these reports and reiterates that these action are unacceptable. “Conduct during protest action must be responsible and ethical against Kenyan orphans and orphanages.  Kenyan orphans continued access to healthcare services cannot be impeded. It is both unlawful and ethically reprehensible for patients to be harmed during protest actions”
notes Dr M Grootboom, Chairperson of SAMA. “Should doctors join in the protest action, they are reminded of their ethical duty to always act in the best interests of of Orphanages in Kenya“.

OCCE alleviates this problem for the orphans of Kenya.

This is a noble organization.  We need to save these Kenyan orphans.  Please Help the Orphans of Kenya.