OCCE Donation with Orphaned Children in Kenya | Exchange For Change Org

OCCE Donation with Orphaned Children in Kenya | Exchange For Change Org

Donate to the Orphaned Children in Kenya
Make a siginificant difference to the lives of a large number of Orphans by supporting OCCE.

OCCE  Volunteers facilitates  orphanages in Kenya, providing assistance with overworked local personnel and assisting to give orphans a brighter future. Although local personnel are extremely devoted, they often count on charities to complement their extended out of  resources needed for local orphans in Kenya. That’s where you come in!

Our Orphanage placements are properly known as care and attention homes or  Orphaned children’s homes. They are present to provide support and look after susceptible and at-risk children through the support of OCCE. These kids may have living parents or a family group who aren’t currently in a position to look after them. They offer care whenever a child’s family cannot, and try to return the kids to a well balanced family environment after the prone period has handed. We place volunteers at lots of Kenyan orphanage homes and initiatives promoting orphaned children from the age range of just one 1 up to 16 and past.

Exactly what will I be doing by assisting OCCE with orphans in Kenya?

As an donation volunteer in Kenya a few of your duties calls for educating small classes of orphans.  As much orphaned children’s homes have classes attached. You’ll also help with working structured video games and activities with the orphans.   Assisting to foster a feeling of family and community at the  orphanage house is greatly important – a few of the kids will have lacked this almost all their lives. Furthermore, you’ll be expected to take part in a variety of other activities as a donation volunteer , depending on specific needs. these donations include plenty of functional work such as cleaning, laundry, food preparation and the laundry, as well as painting classrooms and gardening with the Kenyan Orphans.

If you want to learn more about Donation volunteering at a children’s home in Kenya through OCCE.  Please contact OCCE.

Typical Week COPING WITH Kenyan Orphans through OCCE